13 September 2013

The Importance of a Great Headshot

Your headshot is one of the most powerful business tools that you have at your disposal. With so much business conducted over the internet your online image is now just as important as your in-person one.  A great headshot will communicate professionalism and enable people to engage with you. If you have a headshot what first impression are you giving? People really want to see who the person is behind the company, who they will be doing business with. They do not want to see you with a funny face, fancy dress or a badly lit picture where they cannot really see you at all - they want to see the professional person. This means that your headshot needs to fit your business and brand. Does what people see as your headshot on your website or other sites such as LinkedIn represent you well? If not do invest in a professional headshot it will help raise your profile, in the right way! Do not forget prospects and clients are likely to see your online profile before they even meet you, having a professional headshot is crucial in ensuring what the viewer sees is the best representation of you. Get in touch and have a chat about a great professional headshot for you. Charlotte did just that!

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